Shipping to Singapore – Spend a Little, Save a Lot

Being your own boss means that you’re in control – of time, productivity, and the budget. Saving money might be one of your top priorities when you are just starting to build your empire. 

Clipping coupons and constantly searching for “Today’s Deals” in the advertising circulars is not just for housewives and students – it can be just as important for entrepreneurs, too.  Fortunately, the AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping program can help budding entrepreneurs save money when spending (some) money. You can get an array of Amazon Promo Codes from visiting this website :

By learning the basic eligibility requirements and carefully following the filtering, ordering and shipping steps, your AmazonGlobal order can be processed and shipped to you FREE!  In addition, the AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping program can take care of the import duty, tax estimation, and customs clearance on your behalf during the checkout process.

The AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping program offers a select number of products that are eligible for free shipping to Singapore.  To determine a product’s eligibility and place an order, follow these steps:

  • Access and search for your item(s).  Eligible items usually have a shipping statement in the product detail portion of the page.
  • Use the drop menu located beside the Search bar to select International Shipping.
  • The left sidebar is the Featured Categories of items available for international shipping.  Remember that not all products in the Amazon catalog are eligible for shipping outside the U.S.
    • International Shipping is listed in the left sidebar; underneath this is an empty box next to AmazonGlobal Eligible.  Check this box to filter items that are eligible for the international shipping.
    • NOTE:  Currently special handling items cannot be delivered outside the US. You can find this information on the product detail page.
    • NOTE:  Items sold by third party merchants are usually NOT eligible for free shipping.  Select only items that state “Ships from and sold by”.
  • Select your item(s), place them in the cart, and proceed to checkout.
  • All items in your order must be shipped to the same address in Singapore.
  • Select “Group my items into as few shipments as possible” as your shipping preference.
  • Select AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping, and complete your order.
  • Your order total must be USD125 or more to be eligible for free shipping.  Chat room users recommend always paying in USD currency.

AmazonGlobal’s website states that normal delivery time is 9 – 14 business days, “after all of your items are available to ship, including pre-order items”.

You may use promotion codes with your AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping program.  Consider taking advantage of Gold Box Item and Lightening Deals shopping, too.  Experienced Amazon shoppers recommend placing your needed items in the shopping cart, first; Gold Box and Lightening Deals offerings are order time-sensitive and should be placed in the cart just before checkout.

Amazon’s customer service representatives will help you with any questions about the AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping program, how to determine product eligibility, what items cannot be shipped, and even handle returns or problems with damaged or DOA items.  The website offers additional information about all aspects of international shipping and product eligibility.

With careful planning, shopping at can help save you money and keep your business capital strong.




How to choose a best blood pressure monitor?

There are a lot of people who face the troubles of fluctuating blood pressure. It is important to take care of your health as it is only going to add to your hassles if you do not take care properly.

A lot of doctor advice people to regularly get their blood pressure monitored as it helps in deciding as to whether or not, your blood pressure levels are normal. If you are suffering from hyper blood pressure, you should take the right medication because excess blood pressure is not good.

There are a lot of other diseases that can occur because of high blood pressure. Our normal blood pressure is 120/80 and all those who have a reading of 160/100 are patients of hyper blood tension. There are a lot of reasons that can lead to such condition and one among them has to be stress.

If you tend to get worried about things easily, it is likely to add to your troubles. So, you should try to keep your anxiety and stress levels in check. Being stressed about a situation never helps you case as it will only get you more worked up and this can affect your blood pressure drastically.

Can you measure your blood pressure?

A lot of people wonder if it is possible to measure their own blood pressure sitting at the confines of their home. Yes, it is possible as there are lots of blood pressure measuring instruments that you can use. When you are opting for such instruments, you will be able to analyze the pressure reading and this gives you a quick head start on the right medication method to choose in order to deal with the medical problem that you are facing.

There are a lot of different types of blood pressure measuring equipments and before choosing one, you should study the details and specifications thoroughly. When you are studying these details, you would have a better idea of what to expect from equipments and you can thus use it in the right manner.

Along with hyper blood tension, people suffer from hypo blood tension too. It is equally dangerous as the supply of oxygen to the brain cells may be cut off entirely when the person is suffering from low blood pressure.

If you do not sure how to purchase a reliable blood pressure monitor, you can get many Free review from Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world. Not only that they offer plenty of brand selections, they are making us to purchase it so easily. Read through the review and get the best blood pressure monitor that suite your requirement. If you are a tech savvy person, go and grab the latest version of the gadget that could connect to your iphone or Android Smartphone. Not only that could keep all your blood pressure reading on the go, it could also constantly remind you that and to keep you motivated to tackle the disease. Get some tips and guide on Amazon Free shipping to country like Singapore, India, NZ and Mexico here.

Hence, fluctuation in blood pressure needs to be handled efficiently because even the slightest changes can turn to be extremely deadly for people. Having a blood pressure measuring instrument at home will help you in keeping track of the blood pressure reading. A lot of people have suffered from major health issues because they disregarded their medical condition. Sometimes, the symptoms for hyper blood tension are similar to dizziness and lethargy and people tend to think that it is because of the exhaustion at work place. However, if you have a blood pressure measuring instrument at home, you can confirm your doubts and be sure that your pressure levels are normal.

This is one of the prime reasons as to why you should have a sphygmomanometer at home. You do no have to measure your blood pressure regularly every day, however, if you are not feeling well and there is dizziness, nausea or even general body weakness, measuring your blood pressure is not going to hurt either. A little precaution and safety in matters of your health can turn out to be handy while dealing with major health issues.

So, take care of your own health and learn how to use a sphygmomanometer. When you are well aware of its use, you will be able to extract the best benefit out of it and help yourself.

Opportunity Of Tourism Industry In Singapore

Singapore tourism

Tourism is one of the major industries in Singapore. The number of tourists who visited Singapore was two times its total population in the year 2011. The Orchard Road district in Singapore which is the hub of multi-storied shopping malls and hotels is considered as the heart of tourism. Two of the well admired tourist destinations are Night Safari and Singapore Zoo which allows the tourists like us to explore the wild life at night without any kind of barriers. The Jurong Bird Park, a zoological garden is another favorite tourist spot where varieties of birds from all over the world have been exposed to the public.
Amongst the islands, the Sentosa island located in the southern part of Singapore which consists of about nearly 30 landmarks witnesses the greatest number of tourists.
Various modes of transport which the tourists can avail to reach Singapore
Singapore being a famous tourist destination due to its exotic natural beauty is admired by most people who are nature lovers. Its serene beaches help us to unwind ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the city life. This particular island is conveniently connected with the rest of the world by the following means of transport;
a) By road –There are a number of air-conditioned buses which can be hired. While travelling by road the motorists have to pay a toll charge. Taxi and car service is also available.

b) By water – Cruising is a very popular mode of travelling opted by most tourists; hence its water route is very much developed. Ferry services link most of the nearby places with Singapore. Singapore also operates as an important base for cruises in South East Asia.

c) By air – The Changi International airport is the main airport in Singapore. There are many airlines which have direct flights to Singapore.
The tourist events held in Singapore
The tourism board organizes a lot of events for tourists throughout the year. Some of the important events are Singapore Garden Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Singapore Food Festival, Chingay Parade etc. A Formula One Race was organized at Marina Bay in 2008. In 2010 Singapore hosted first Youth Olympic Games which generated a huge number of tourists. Singapore tourism seemed to have benefitted a lot from these major events.

Tourism opportunities in Singapore
Tourism industry is a very large service sector of Singapore and it is growing at a rapid pace since the last seven years. The infrastructure of this industry is strengthening day by day. In the year 2007, this industry had added 3% to the GDP of Singapore. This gives a clear picture of the important role tourism plays in improving the economy of Singapore. This sector is considered as the vital economic pillar. The main aim is to multiply the income from tourism at least by three times. This will also create a lot of job opportunity by 2015.
I was not aware of the varied job opportunity Singapore tourism has in hold for the future. After going through this article I am thinking of pursuing a career in this flourishing industry of tourism.

With Singapore Tourist Pass Explore More Of Singapore

An experience of Singapore

Singapore is considered as a popular family holiday spot. Vacations in Singapore are actually filled with exciting activities. The visit to the Sentosa Island is a mesmerizing experience altogether. In Singapore shopping is something which nobody can ever stop us, be it from the splendid shopping malls or the boutique stores lined up along the road. The Singapore River is another tourist spot where we can actually enjoy a relaxing boat ride for sightseeing. To avail all these wonderful experience at a discounted price we should wait for the special vacation packages offered by Singapore tourism.

Why to grab a Tourist Pass?

A Tourist Pass is basically a card which offers unlimited travelling through the MTRs, local bus service and LTRs as well but for a stipulated period of time. With this particular card we can easily go for the sightseeing around Singapore comfortably in the local bus and train network at a reasonable cost. We as a holder of this card we never need to worry about inadequate fund atleast while travelling. What we need to do is purchase this card for a fixed number of days to avail unlimited rides at the trains and busses and return the card before we leave Singapore.

There is another version of this card known as the Singapore Tourist Pass Plus which is another must thing that we must possess. The card holders get to enjoy a day’s Bubble Jet Ride absolutely for free. This card by Singapore tourism is something which will make our holiday experience a memorable one.

The places of interest that the pass entitles to

The Tourist Pass includes a variety of exciting places to visit under the different categories in Singapore like;

a) Holiday entertainment spots like Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay.

b) Cultural and heritage spots in Singapore located in the downtown civic district.

c) Nature destinations like the Botanical Garden located at Bukit Timah which is the largest garden displaying more than 60,000 orchids and the garden by the Marina Bay.

d) Some exciting attractive spots like the Night Safari and the Singapore Zoo.

e) Singapore is considered as the shopper’s paradise. The pass also lets us make payment for all the shopping.

f) For people like me who are crazy about food can enjoy a variety of items not only in the high-end restaurants but also from the street hawkers by making payment thorough this pass.

Points to be kept in mind while getting a promo ticket to reach Singapore

Though the promo tickets like universal studios singapore tickets, SEA aquarium tickets, and singapore zoo tickets lets us avail a very cheap air fare but there are certain conditions associated with it. It cannot be cancelled or changed, the promotional rates cannot be combined with any other offers and there is no option of booking an open ticket.

Whenever I would visit Singapore I will make sure that I get myself a Tourist Pass an exceptional product of the Singapore tourism to avail the maximum discount while on the trip.

Contribution Of Tourism Towards The Economy Of Singapore

Importance of tourism in Singapore

In entire South-East Asia Singapore is a place which is considered as extremely tourist friendly. This is a place which gives us a fresh and open feeling. While walking down the Orchard Road, we get the royal feel of the city. Singapore is the only city which offers a perfect blend of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian culture against an entirely western backdrop. This city is not only famous for its rich architectural and cultural legacy but also it is popular as the paradise of food lovers. The Singapore restaurants serve innovative dishes in their own style.

The dark tourism spot in Singapore

Dark tourism also known as grief tourism or black tourism indicates the travel sites which have a history of tragedy or death associated with it. In Singapore the Singapore Bomb Shelter is considered as the dark tourism spot. It was opened to the general public since the end of 2011. This tourist destination educates us about the war history of Singapore.

What is the contribution of Singapore tourism in its economy?

Singapore’s tourism industry has undergone a key revolution in the last few years. International events like Formula One Race in 2008 and latest tourism contribution like Integrated Resorts has made Singapore one of the popular tourist spots. The contribution of tourism has been at its peak since 2007 to 2010.

The economic growth of a place due to tourism is measured by tourism value-added or TVA. TVA includes the direct value added to the revenue due to the services and goods availed by the tourists and also the indirect value added from the industries which supplies material to the tourism industry.

It has been seen that the contribution of the revenue that used to come from the shopping done by the tourist have dropped down. Singapore tourism shopping is accountable for only around 20% of the total tourism receipts which indicates a drop by 33% since 2008. And it has been noticed that around 26% tourism receipts came from their expenditure on local transportation, airfares, port taxes etc. in 2011. Gaming is accountable for about 24% share of the receipts of tourism. The highest contribution in the year 2011 was from entrance fees paid at the attractive destinations and night clubs, on leisure events at the Integrated Resorts, on day tours etc.

Decline in the growth of tourism in Singapore

In the year 2012 Singapore had witnessed the highest number of tourists, but eventually the figure dropped down. In 2011 the footfall of visitors increased by 13% and the tourism revenue rose by almost by 17%. But in 2012 tourist arrivals were above 14 million which is alteast 9% more than that of 2011. The tourism board of Singapore had then estimated more than 15 million tourist footfalls and a tourism revenue of around 25 billion for the eventually years.

After going through this article I realized how important Singapore tourism is for the development of its economy. So it would be highly profitable if I could be associated with the tourism industry in Singapore.